Back in the land of the living

SORRY! I know, I know, I’ve been told. With this blog thing, you need to keep it going, you need to be available to do it at least every other day. But you know what. Sometimes life gets in the way. Ok?

I’ve had stuff to do, stuff to handle, and it’s all getting there. It’s all part of the greater good, but it had to be gone through.

I’m deep in reherasals for David Halliwell’s A Last Belch for the Great Auk. It’s on at the Old Fire Station on April 1 and 2 at 6.30pm and it’s going to be good.

And on my birthday, I got a text from a playwright friend from Aberdeen, who now lives in London and is very good. There’s a new production of a play of his what I saw at the Royal Court during its 50th anniversary season two years ago. I remember sitting there thinking ‘that would be a great role for me’ and it is! He’s put me and another mate up for the lead role. Hmmmm.

And I’ve got to get back to Ros about that film. THAT film, you know the one.

Anyway. I’m back. I’m ready to refloat. That all happens over the next month or so.