Don’t send me back to the dark place

Helllloooooo. It’s been a while. I got divorced (again) last month. At least I think I did. It was apparently read out in court and no-one contested it, so I think I’m free. Not a particularly good track record, as I said to my first ex-wife only today. I did think that both times it was forever. Am I older and wiser now. Am I hell.

It was Aidy’s birthday at the start of June - same day as my mum’s. I got him heelies and night vision goggles. I miss him a lot, and Dylan - for some reason it’s been an especially frustrating time in te last two weeks. That doesn’t get any easier, but at least when I see them they see me!

I went to a screening of Thank You Skinhead Girl, which is a film by a friend of mine, Sharon Woodward. It’s a highly personal account of being a skinhead in Oxford in the 80’s. Very raw, very funny too. And very honest.

And I finally made it to the Oxyrynchus show. Kate was great, but I already knew that. And very gorgeous. But I knew that too. If you’re in London on June 29, get yourselves along to the Canal Cafe Theatre at 7.30 for fun and frolics.

And watch out for the next Burlesque night at Cocos in Oxford, with the lovely Vixen DeVille. Hopefully with the Long Insiders as headline band. They’re always great.

I was at the press launch of the new menu at the Loch Fyne Restaurant in Oxford recently. I’m never sure if free drink and me are a good mix but it was great fun anyway. Richard Tilley of the Oxford Times and Jeremy Smith of the Oxford Mail were there, as was Helen Peacock, who has a new book out this month. Dylan was staying the week with me so he was there and we did our first oysters together. Hmmm. Loved the shalotte garnish, but I think one would be enough, even if they are an aphrodisiac.

I also helped launch Oxford Pride (scroll down to Queer Arts Exhibition), with a special Jam on That? at the Jam Factory. I got me flares out and me flouncy flowery shirt to commemorate Stonewall in 1969. Twas a good night, and we added a good few members to the Jam on That? family. I also took Dylan and Aidan to the Pride Parade at Oxpens, but it was pouring, so we headed back to the boat and watched The Great Escape with Steve McQueen. I also showd Dylan Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman recently. I think it’s an important film for him to see.

And last weekend, I caught up with Steve J. After 14 years. I last saw him at my (second) wedding. He was one of my two fuckwit brothers at drama school, and it was great to see that everything had changed, but nothing had changed much. We still got wrecked, and we still had a time. Salute!

This week I had a meeting for a devised theatre project on Monday, a read through for a film I’m doing on Tuesday, an Oxford Actor’s network social meeting on Wednesday and now I’m back on the boat having a rare quiet night in learning lines for the play which is just over a week away. June 30-July 4. Old Fire Station. Be there.