Well, that was August

Just got back from August. How was yours? Working backwards, I was in Scotland last week, based in Inverurie, but with trips to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Glasgow for a very productive meeting with David MacLennan who started the A Play, A Pie and A Pint lunchtime theatre sessions in Glasgow. Edinburgh for the festival. Saw A Team The Musical and Murder Mystery Musical, in which Alexa Brown was great. Can anyone tell me how that happened? I hate musicals! A-Team was the choice of Dylan and Aidan and it was really good. The actress playing the Southern belle was great (lovely pout), and so were Mr T and Hannibal. Good use of a small space too. Murder Mystery Musical was really funny, and very well done. Perhaps not the best choice for a seven year old, but Aidan loved it. I think most of it was over his head, as was the spit that was Alexa’s dying breath. Great aim, it landed between Dylan and Aidan. Only afterwards did I recall a vague warning from Alexa about not sitting in the front row.
The night before we left for Scotland we were in Cardiff for U2. I last saw U2 in 1993 (and before that 1992 and 1981 - supporting Stiff Little Fingers at the Capitol in Aberdeen). I love U2. I grew up with them and Bono has been there with words of wisdom through two marriages and all the other stuff that life throws at you. They were superb. I don’t know how they’ll top the 360 tour, but I’m sure they’ll come up with something. It was Aidy’s first gig and he loved it, perched high up in the stands at the Milennium Stadium. I took Dylan to see Bob Dylan at Birmingham NIA in April, and although that was awesome, you don’t go to see Bob Dylan for a spectacular concert. You do go to a U2 gig to be blown away. And we were.
Before U2 we met up with Steve. I hadn’t seen Steve since my second wedding until earlier this year when he stayed on the boat. I was at the Oxford School of Drama with Steve - he was in the year above. In all the time I was there, he was the one (guy) that stood out. Catherine McCormack was the stand out female. She’s done amazingly well, and chooses her projects really well, but it’s been great to find out that Steve is also doing really well and that he and Em are really happy. And funny as hell when he got shat on by a bird … again.
Before Cardiff was a normal week at work, and the week before that I was in Inverurie again, for a more relaxing chill out holiday. I just took the boys to Slains, and did very little, but that’s a great change from usual (only for a week though, or I start to twitch).
The holiday season has throw me a bit and going up to Inverurie also flattened me. It always does. So it was great to walk into the Jam Factory on Friday evening for a meal with the boys and get an immediate rush of energy and a feeling that all things were possible again. It helped me make up my mind to make an impossible week possible.
I’m doing one of the plays that won the Oxford Playhouse Playwriting competition. I didn’t think I would be able to, but I really wanted to work with Joe Austin again. He directed my in Never Tell Them at the Burton Taylor last year. This year, I’m doing Pork on September 14,15 and 16.
I’m going to be working with Katie Read, who has recently moved to Oxford, having been an associate at the National, and working with Pinter, Stoppard and Nunn. We are doing a new play by Shaun McCarthy called Collider which is great. Danny Scott, a physical theatre creator is also involved, so with all those ingredients, it should be good.
I’m also doing a devised piece with the Oxford Actors Network in collaboration with Danny Scott. It’s directed by Tania Higgins and Tim Goldman, and a devised piece with Rio Fanning and the Oxford Actors Network, both of which could be really good.
That lot takes me through til mid November, then I really have to start moving up a gear. I have a few things in the pipeline for 2010, and I just need to make sure they happen.
It feels like I have a large step to take. Over the last two years I’ve been able to rediscover and reinvent myself. Now I have to make it count.