Autumn leaves

Just worked out this afternoon why I’ve been having a bloo, singing th blues or going through a blue period, depending on your wants (and needs). It’s coming up to Halloween. Always gets me. Always sneaks up on me like a wet pile of slippery leaves.

I moved out three years ago on Halloween 2006 - for a trial period. The trial worked so well we made it permanent in January 2007. Thing is, I split up with my ex-wife, not my kids. So how do I make that one work? It doesn’t get any easier. I know there are things that I’ve been able to do that I would have found difficult otherwise, and I am so much happier out of that relationship, but that’s only partial compensation, something I’ve made the most of that doesn’t alter the underlying void.

This passes. This is OK. When I ‘emerge’ to do my reading at Tricks and Treats on Halloween, that’s it. I’m emerging from the blackness - again. Maybe it’ll be the same every year. Maybe. But I can handle it. It just takes me by surprise every year.