Lost weekend

Wow. Where did the last three months go? Last thing I remember is writing about filming the Art Pepper Straight Life piece. Then it’s now.
I suppose there were the two plays (Never Tell Them and Fun Run), the feature film (The Oracle), the medical roleplays (for wannabe doctors), London Poetry Systems at the Jam Factory, the short film (last minute, can’t for the life of me remember the name - but it was good) and the voiceover stuff. And going to see mates like Scott Christie do his stuff, and Huck, Tamara and the Handsome Fee, the Long Insiders, George’s Jamboree, Cabaret Clandestino, The James Street Tavern Open night, and The Firry Mic. Missed the new one, Port Mahon’s Foghorn last night cos I was in Exeter seeing Shaun McCarthy’s Beanfield, directed by David Lockwood at the Bike Shed Theatre. But that’s another story.
I also managed to see the National Theatre of Scotland’s Peter Pan at the Barbican. Wow! The production was amazing. The technical stuff awesome, and the acting, although it played second fiddle to the production as a whole, was all round good, with Hook outstanding.
And I went mountain biking and Go Ape-ing in Wales - that was an experience. It’s a different world. A world class mountain biking centre in the middle of a forest, with about three hundred armour clad nutters belting through river beds, up boulders, down crevices (ooh err).
All good stuff.
I’m back