And now for something completely different …

Which is something more usually heard from my Mythmakers co-star Jonathan Hansler, who has an entertaining sideline playing John Cleese at corporate dos, and who also wrote a stageplay about the afterlife of Pete ‘n’ Dud.
Anyhoo, enough of him.
The mythmakers was great. The first performance felt like the dress rehearsal as we’d had so little time, but we did it well. The first Act of the second show (Sun 25) felt like it rode me instead of me riding it, but it did take us to our destination (we nailed the second act) and the third performance flew. Now we know what we’re doing.
But it’s over.
Or is it. Surely there was someone amongst the audience - we played to around 400 - who can take this on? It’s perfect for Edinburgh - it’s a two-hander with minimal props and set (if you want it that way), we can go anywhere.
Willing to travel …