Tomorrow never knows

Wow, it’s got busy suddenly. I’ve just wrapped on Heckle, a Palm Tree Entertainment/Comedy Girl Production produced and directed by Robbie Moffatt and written by Mark Brown. I played the estranged husband of a girl who discovers a talent for stand up when she is freed from the shackles of her life. We grew up together and never really left our hometown. She wants more out of life, I can’t see why. A good little role, because I go from being angry and bitter to wishing her well. ‘Her’ is Suzanne Kendall. She was great.

For me, and how I felt about what I did,┬áit was interesting. But I’m saying nothing yet. I’ll see the edited cut, make my mind up, then see what feedback we get when it comes out. An interesting experience - look out for a post round about next May …

I’m also rehearsing for High Table, part of a trilogy of plays based on Oxford, at the Old Fire Station on October 18 and 19. It’s written by the always good Stuart Lee, and is very funny. Very fast-paced and relies on the quick interchanges of characters. Great! And I’ve had no time to fully get into it yet!!! Makes it tricky for my fellow actors - sorry guys.

And I have a script in hand reading further ahead, for Gwilym Scourfield of the Oxford Playwrights on November 28.

In addition, I’m going to be one half of a double act launching at one, possibly two new comedy nights in London from the end of October. We’re working on characters at the first meeting later this week. Should be fun.

Roleplay season has also well and truly returned, and I’m doing an average of two a week of those too, from angry patients, to depressed patients, to patients being told bad news etc.

I even got a handy bit of journalism work, at the Newbury Weekly News, covering for the Sports Editor while he recovered from an eye operation.

In between I’ve been pulling pints at the Old Bookbinders in Jericho, and doing duty manager shifts at the Old Fire Station.

Love it!