The storm before the storm

Steve Hay (left) and John HanslerThis producing lark ain’t fun!
I’ve emerged, blinking in the sunlight, after two weeks of intense rehearsals for The Mythmakers, and the show is looking and feeling great. It is a beautiful tale of two complex iconic men, JM Barrie (me) and Scott of the Antarctic (John Hansler). It is an intimate piece, and focuses on the friendship between the two, which was lost shortly before Scott left for his ill-fated final trip South

We are on at Teatro Latea, in Suffolk Street, NYC sometime between August 5 and 26. The scheduling at the New York International Fringe Festival is very different to that of the Edinburgh Festival. We find out our dates by July 5 - just four weeks before we arrive in NYC. All we know at the moment is that we’ll have a minimm of five performances.

As soon as I know the dates, I can start inviting people.

In the meantime, we’ve been sorting visas, flights and I’ve been trying to get people to back us - but without much success (so far). Because we got on the case pretty late, we’ve been playing catch up ever since we were accepted for the fringe. Which pretty much rules out public funding. So I have approached anyone with a connection to Scott and/or Barrie. All of Scott’s original sponsors, Barrie societies, publishers - anyone I can think of. We’ve had a lot of support and encouragement, but no funding. This is not a negative post, and I’m not bitter that people aren’t coming on board, these are difficult times. But it is incredibly frustrating.

I have a feeling it will be a different story when we come back from New York, but it’s now that we need the money. So if you are reading this, and appreciate what we are doing with The Mythmakers, or want to know more, get in touch.