HS2 - if only the Government would pump billions into ours

Back from New York with stories to tell. A MASSIVE learning curve, and lessons learned thanks to our brilliant director Sarah Berger who was so generous with her time and experience. She just knows. It changed the way I look at what I’m doing, and refocused me on what I need to do and where I need to be. Now I just need to put the fiendish masterplan into action. The Mythmakers played five performances in New York City to an average audience of 40 people. We made so many great new friends and forged so many great new links and relationships. There’s stuff to be done people!

Then there was Spare Prick. A return to the bosom of the Balancing Act family. Always a pleasure to be working with Joe Graham - I love his writing, his plays, his characters. And (especially at this time), it was an absolute delight and a pleasure to work with two talented, hard-working, committed, generous actors - James Card and Sara Graham made the whole experience fun from start to finish. Scary, exhilirating, no-room-for-error fun, but fun all the same. We did it in a week (again). Normally on Joe’s productions I have two weeks preparation to at least learn the thing, but because of New York, and having to exist in a bubble just to survive, we literally gathered, learned and rehearsed the whole thing in seven days. And played to 60,80 and a sell out 94 crowd on the final night. A joy!

Now I’m back at the Old Fire Station, working on Hidden Spire 2013, working with Crisis members to tell their stories. I did it last year and it was special. After the playday when we all met to explain what we hope to do to the Crisis members, I have high hopes for this years show. December 12-14, Old Fire Station Theatre, George Street, Oxford. See you there …..