Handily enough, in the week that the winter fuel for the boats was delivered, I’ve been mainly learning lines for two monologues I’m doing in the next few weeks.

First up is Oh Danny Boy, part of a trilogy of monologues called Waterloo, brilliantly written by the brilliant Jaime Woodham. I play Danny, an ex-squaddie who is banged up for castrating someone he thinks is a peadophile. He’s also a conspiracy theorist and believes he’s been probed by aliens. We join him as he waits for his three-year-old daughter to visit him in prison. It’s a fantastic piece of writing (all three are) and I’m really happy to be doing it at the Old Fire Station’s October Theatre Scratch Night on Tuesday October 21 at 7.30pm.

After this performance, we are aiming to take the trilogy to several festivals next year.

Then, it’s straight into What I Do by Dan Davies at the fantastic So and So On International Theatre Festival. I play Dougie the Homeless. He’s king of his spot and he looks after the tunnels. Again, it’s great to be playing such a well-written character. Loads to find in there, and a great story.

It’s also great to be part of the festival, organised by Sarah Berger and the So and So Arts Club. 14 comapnies from around the world. I met some of them in New York last summer, when Sarah directed me in The Mythmakers. It’ll be great catching up with friends from the US, Canada, Australia and Italy, and making new friends too - the other half of my double bill is Full Dress, directed by Paula D’Allesandris. It’s a witty short play about two sisters meeting at a memorial service. Paula is coming from NYC to direct it for the festival.

These two plays for £8, or add another show for just £12 , or see three for £15. The double bill runs Tues 4 at 6pm, Friday 7th at 7.30 and Sat 8th at 5.30

So and So On International Festival of Theatre

Tickets for the festival can be found here:

Great stuff!

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